| Contact Results in Contagion |

Exploring the concept of liminality, the ritual of transition from one state to another, the exhibition revolves around the autonomously sounding musical object — the Poet Mechanic — a hybrid instrument borne out of extreme transformations of the classic vinyl player. A traditional medium becomes an uncanny mechanical performer that interacts with resonant objects placed around it.
The pairing of sound and strange sculpture offers a ritual process that addresses the relationship between the human and the nonhuman, the mechanical and the poetic.

| 30th March - 10th April  | 

| Solyanka Gallery Moscow  |
| Sound, Sculpture, Scene, Conception : Cameron Graham | | Curation: Sasha Elina  |
| Architect: Gleb Moskovkin |
| Lighting: Elena Perlman | | Partners: Arts and Humanities Research Council, SWWDTP | | Awarded a UK-Russia Year of Music Grant by the British Council |