| All the ways we love eachother at the end of this world | 

PART of the Noise and Hardware Caravan Club [TN&HCC}

|. Musical love on thresholds: Analogue listening and digital computation. Biotics and glitch. GBSR and a digital caravan utopia.

|. 100 pseudo-hylozoic musical arcade machines.

|. Each an autonomous voice in a digital musical network.

|. A utopic, generative electroacoustic music born in caravan culture.

Part of a full-feature world project in development, the instruments simulate in-built empathy and apathy for external information [music, sound, colour, _ , _].
|. They will work in harmony with GBSR and one another, receiving, reordering, sending sonic signals between one another and out into the N&HCC.

|. They will weave together
a globular electroacoustic whooze around the actions, performance and interactions of GBSR.
|. They are functioning digital musical organs; listening, filteringpurifying, sendingcallingsignalling.