The Noise and Hardware Caravan Club _ 1.0 1516 Digital Pavilions set in a semi-fictional caravan resort

The Noise and Hardware Caravan Club is both an oneiric virtual metawork and a platform for intermedia. It jacks into the biennale, the concert series, the festival and the interdisciplinary discursive forum structure

the project is a simulated caravan site designed as a  labyrinth of beach-side static caravans, each purposed as a vacant art pavilion. The pavilions will be made available to selected invitees and commissioned artists to populate with their work, embedding, transforming, sounding and sculpting the interior of their selected pavilion as they wish 

the Noise and Hardware Caravan Club opens the door of each inhabited caravan pavilion to the audience, presenting a massed network of art to be experienced in luscious utopic digital space 

the project invites any and all forms of new digital media with open arms, from VR/AR developments, to spatial audio technologies (binaural and ambisonic sound), A.I, generative design  

the Noise and Hardware Caravan Club is a novel platform through which we must explode approaches to art and technology, together as individuals, pioneers, collectives, organisations, companies, firms, sects, agencies. 

Project Trailer: 

potential partners:

Institute of Sound Recording

Arts and Humanities Research Council

Foreign Objects Agency

Waste Paper Opera

first simulation sketch processes :

other processes :

Triple-screen concert installation piece.

Fixed media (video and electronics), piano and step - motors

Concert-Installation piece
Two films, electronics, tin-can automata, neon, light, sound-sculpture, chamber musicians