• I am a composer, intermedia artist and drummer. 

• My projects straddle the composed and the installed, evoking experiences of kilter, self-exposure, woozy familiarity, light spiritual reverence and narrative intoxication. I create work for acoustic, electronic and hand-built instruments, film, and a sensory sound percussion drumkit.
• Currently:

/ Making both fixed and installative artworks with artists, filmmakers, writers, dramaturgs and performers.

/ Creating and performing live EDM. Electronic music released on Phantom Limb. Playing and touring live, controlling live environments with sensory percussion drums.

• Also:

/ Creating gamified scene drop-ins, video simulations and worlding objects.  

/ 3D printing confessional booths, static caravans and arcade machines.

/ Studying the heterotopic beauty of static caravans and static caravan sites.

/ Nurturing The Poet Mechanic (bear with us, the site is on the way)
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