A musical object instrument– a hybrid instrument borne out of the classic vinyl player– the vinyl player, as sound making art object and worlding icon.
 30March– 10April 2019
Sound, Sculpture, Scene, Conception : Cameron Graham
Curation–  Sasha Elina
Architect–  Gleb Moskovkin
Lighting–  Elena Perlman
Support–  Arts and Humanities Research Council, SWWDTP, British Council
Solyanka Gallery, Moscow

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"Contact Results in Contagion" is a music, living sculpture and installation project by British artist and composer Cameron Graham.

Exploring the ritual of transition from one state to another, the exhibition revolves around the autonomously sounding musical object — the Poet Mechanic. The exhibition, composed across five constructed spaces, progresses through sound, light and smoke towards a complete expression of audiovisual and sculptural iconography.