| Zenith Store & Bernaskoni Architecture Bureau |

Electronic sound. Quadrophonic Installation. Permanent.

Audio Excerpts

Using the sensual materiality of pink noise as an aesthetic and architectural filter, the music produces a similar effect to the optical lens – to magnify and enhance the aesthetic of the concept space and its camera technologies.

A long-duration composition blends rhythmic panels of pure noise with harmonic soudscapes. Together, they will produce a sharpened, balanced but immersing presence, enriching the contact between reflective and reflecting  textures: light, LED colour palletes, glass, metal, polyethylene fabric.

The sonic installation creates a clear and immediate threshold between the external and internal space of the store, bounding the shell of the space from the outside mall space. The project expands the already glistening physicality of the store and places the exhibited camera technologies into even sharper focus.