Associate lecturer at the University of Surrey, leading composition, studio techniques and electronic composition. Visiting lecturer at City University London, teaching music journalism and criticism + supervising major artistic projects.

• EP Go Out released in March 2023 with the UK-based label, Phantom Limb. Album – ‘Becoming a Beach Angel’ – released on vinyl in August 2023.

• Music commissioned by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (UK), the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra (BE),  L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (FR), the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg (AT), the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (RU), United Instruments of Lucilin (LX), Riot Ensemble (UK), lovemusic collective (FR), the ZhDK Zurich (CH), soloists Jon Roskily, Zubin Kanga, etc etc.

• Solo exhibition, ‘CONTACT RESULTS IN CONTAGION’ was showcased at the Solyanka Gallery, Moscow in ‘19. It was awarded a British Council production and arts grant. Commissioned by the Schalfeld Ensemble as part of the  Styria-Artist-in-Residence (St.A.i.R) fellow in Austria (’20).

• Sound design commissioned by the collaborative architectural bureau Bernaskoni and Zenith.

• One half of Encounters with composer Colin Roche, exhibited at Les Limbes gallery (FR), Aponia Arts Centre Paris (FR), and ISSMAG Moscow.

• AHRC funded PhD project explored staging, worlding and metaphorising the creative process (WORLDS. METAPHORS. ICONS. Staging the Creative Process as Steps to Worlding)

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